In Queso Emergency Pray To Cheesus T-Shirt

Tacos and nachos and burritos oh my! In queso emergency, there's only one thing to do! Pray to Cheesus! Some of you may find that joke to be a bit too cheesy, but we happen to think that it's just the right amount! This funny shirt is available for purchase today, and will look great on anyone who cannot wait until the next time they get the chance to sink their teeth into a cheesy taco or burrito! Mmmmmm...Tacos...

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Our brand new In Queso Emergency Pray to Cheesus t-shirt comes in three different styles. Whether you plan on purchasing an adult men's, a youth, or a women's slim shirt, you will have tons of sizes to choose between. Consult the size chart if you have questions. Some of you may be prepping for a cool Cinco de Mayo party. Others may just want something fun to wear for Taco Tuesday. Either way, we're glad to be of service!