Chemical Element for Iron Man


Do you have a little Iron in your veins? Everyone does, and now with this shirt, you can show it of how you want to be Fe Man, which is another way of saying Iron Man! Get it? Fe is the chemical element for Iron? Seriously, it doesn't work if we have to explain every single shirt to you. Sheesh. In any event, we hope you'll enjoy this funny parody design as much as we do. Now get out there and save the world!

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Anyways, we're proud to offer this design in several different styles, including our Iron Woman women's slim tees, our signature youth sizes, super soft hoodies, and our brand new Iron Woman shirt! Beyond that, this bright and colorful design also comes on our brand new duvet covers and shower curtains. If you know someone who is either obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements or becoming a superhero, be sure to point them in the direction of this one!