Keep Calm and Kill Zombies T-Shirt


This is one of the best cool zombie t-shirts that you'll ever see. How do we know that, you may ask? Because we made it! Available in men's and women's slim fit styles. While the ladies will have the option to order up to a 2XL, the fellas out there can order up to a 4XL if they please! We know that zombie lovers (killers?) come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we love to order such a wide variety!

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What's the best piece of advice that you've ever heard? For us, it has to be Keep Calm and Kill Zombies. You know why? Because if you do not kill them, they will certainly kill you. Then they will kill and eat your friends, next door neighbors and distant relatives.

Now, if you were to follow the advice on this super soft shirt in the first place, you could have saved everyone you know from a heck of a lot of pain and turmoil. When the zombie apocalypse comes, there will not be enough gauze, antiseptics and hiding places to go around. You'll need to grab a shotgun, a shovel, or a well-made piece of piano wire with handles on it, and start decapitating the walking dead left and right. Wear this comfortable shirt to keep your mind on track!

Just make sure that you give us credit when you save the lives of everyone you know from a group of bloodthirsty walkers. That's all we ask!