Keep Calm I'm Having Twins Maternity Shirt

Like all of the maternity shirts that we sell on CrazyDog T-shirts, this tee comes in sizes small through XXL. Made up of high quality ringspun cotton, this maternity tee has ruched sides for extra comfort. Do you know someone who is expecting a new pair of twins? Make sure that you check out this cool maternity shirt today! Above all else, remember to keep calm! It's only twins!

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Parents of twins love them more than life itself. After all, it is a rather rare phenomenon! And then there are the rest of the parents out there that are counting their blessings, thanking the dear sweet lord that it wasn't them that got "blessed" with a diabolical duo like that! All joking aside, we know that any expecting mother who is awaiting the arrival of twins is probably excited beyond belief! Whether it is you that's awaiting a new couple of babies in your family, or you are shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, we hope that you agree with us that this maternity shirt is absolutely fantastic!