Let Me Know If My Biceps Get In The Way Tank Top

Let me know if my biceps get in the way. If they do, there's nothing really that I can do about it, because they're just so massive. In fact, that's why we made this tank top. There's just no way that you could fit these massive pythons in a regular t-shirt. If you're huge into working out, we recommend this awesome tank. Not only is it funny and eye catching, but it will definitely let people know that you mean business in the gym.

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This high quality cotton blend tank top is super soft and fitted, which means that no matter which size you need, you'll walk up to your workout looking like you own the gym. We'd all be lying if we said that confidence doesn't matter when you start exercising, right? Whether you're trying to start up a new routine for the first time ever, or you're a vet of gyms across the country, there are few funny tank tops that will go over as well as this one! Make sure you get one for yourself before your next weight lifting session!