Love Headphones Maternity Shirt


You've got headphones, and you've got love. This fine tee is perfect both for expecting moves who love music on their own, and for those who are purposely playing some sweet tunes for their growing baby to listen to. Of course, it could also be perfect for anyone for mom's whose babies kick with a little bit of rhythm! Funny maternity shirts like this one could be the perfect gift for expecting mothers who love music, and are eager to show off their new baby bump!

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Are you a huge fan of music? Do you put headphones on your baby bump during the day? We think that it's a fantastic idea. Not only does it make for a beautiful maternity shirt like this one, but it could also help with a number of other things as well. Want your baby to be super smart? For years, people have said that letting a developing fetus listen to music can dramatically increasing the odds of that baby growing up with a high IQ. Either that, or it will have one heck of a sense of rhythm when it grows up! This beautiful black maternity shirt is ruched on the sides for comfort, and is composed of a high quality and lightweight ringspun cotton. Trust us ladies, you're going to want to live in this shirt, and we haven't even come to the awesome original design that we've put over the baby bump!