Made In Vachina Infant Tee

Like all of our infant tees, this one is ready to ship out in four different sizes. Whether you're baby is three months old or 24 months old, we've got a baby tee that will fit them. Just don't put it on when you take your baby to church. That's all we ask!

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Well, we don't know how we're going to explain this one. This may not be our normal type of baby t-shirt, but we think that you'll forgive us. We just had to get funny in a naughty, suggestive sort of way. If you're one of those moms or dads who doesn't want to laugh at something slightly off color, then we suggest you keep reading. C'mon, have an open minded! This high quality baby tee is a perfect parody of something that we have all seen over the years. "Made in China?" Nope. "Made in Vagina?" Yup. While it may not be the most medically correct thing, we certainly get the giggles every time that we take a look at it. Seriously, how can you not giggle over this one?