Mommy's Little Piggy Infant Tee

Who doesn't want to get a delicious little shirt for their darling little piggy? We know you do, and that's why we have this new one here. Whether your baby is three months old or pushing 24, we have several different options available for you to choose from!
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Look at that! Mommy's little piggy is here! And look at what they're wearing! It's one of the funniest infant tees that we've ever seen! This new "Mommy's Little Piggy" infant t-shirt is perfect for any parent that wants to clothe their children in something that will inspire awes and laughs from everyone that they come into contact with. Whether you're looking for your own child, or you want to get a gift for your relatives or friends that recently welcomed a new addition to the family, we're confident that this will go over incredibly well! Screen printed here in Rochester, New York, this new infant t-shirt features an original design on a super soft tee that will fit your little piggy like a glove. We know that you want to make sure that you put only the highest quality material on your child's skin, which is why we only use the best ringspun cotton for our infant tees.