Mooning Baby Maternity Shirt


If you're looking for the funniest maternity shirt you'll ever seen, and want to see your wife get a lot of laughs while she's out there walking around, we suggest our new "Mooning Baby" maternity top. This shirt is available in sizes small through extra-large, and will easily last you all the way through your pregnancy. Heck, this shirt is so well made, it might actually last you through pregnancies. Of course, who knows? We've never heard of anyone having two mooning babies!

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Oh my goodness, look at this! That baby is mooning us! Some people may think it's cute, and some people may think it's twisted. Either way, we had to do it. This unique maternity shirt is comprised of super soft ringspun cotton, and is tailor made to fit your baby bump no matter what stage of your pregnancy you may happen to be in. Despite the fact that it comes with a wacky and funny design, we feel that it's important to maintain the quality of our products. Funnier products do not receive any less care than those that are serious. Some people may be looking for a maternity shirt for themselves, while others may be looking for one as a gift. The one thing that we want to make sure to suggest is not to give this to anyone in front of grandma, unless of course she has a really good sense of humor!