My Cat Can't Wait for the Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Have you seen this new funny t-shirt? It is the perfect Easter design for anyone who has a cat. Have you ever seen the fact of a cat when they look at a bunny? It's pretty scary, isn't it? This funny shirt comes on our women's slim and men's (unisex) style tee. Featuring an original graphic design on one of our soft black cotton material, you'll look awesome as you chase your favorite feline down to try and stop it from attacking a cute little bunny.

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Some of you may think that this particular Easter t-shirt is a tad on the morbid side, but we still think there's a market it for it. Think of it as being from the cat's point of view! Maybe the kitty just sits there and watches bunnies from the window all day. Perhaps they've read "The Book of Bunny Suicides" far to often. Either way, we think that you're going to get some laughs with this one!