Ninja Climbing Maternity Shirt

Wait until that little ninja arrives! Imagine what they'll do when they arrive if they are already scheming before their born! It would kind of like being a parent to a "Stewie" with a black belt. Pretty spooky isn't it? Whether you have just become pregnant, or you're the spouse or partner of someone who is, we recommend checking out shirts like these. If there's one thing that an expecting mother needs, it's laughs!

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Hey, mom! You might want to be careful there! It appears that you've got yourself a little climber there. And they're wearing a ninja disguise! As cute as that is, you may want to watch out! Before you know it, they'll be trying to climb out of their cribs, bedroom windows and school dorms! But, those are worries for another time. Right now, we're going to focus on awesome maternity shirts like this one. One of our many new funny maternity tees, this "Ninja Climbing" design comes on one of our signature soft ringspun cotton shirt. The sides are ruched for additional comfort, which is helpful when your body is changing on a weekly basis. Like all of our stunning funny maternity t-shirts, we offer these shirts in sizes small through XXL.