Ninja Mask Maternity Shirt

Every pregnant woman knows what it feels like to have a little ninja growing inside of them. But what if it were an actual ninja growing in your belly? For those of you who want to be prepared for all of those punches and kicks, we created our new Ninja Mask Maternity shirt. Doesn't it just make you want to strut around like a super fast ninja?

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Have you ever felt like there is a ninja peeking out from behind your baby bump? With all of that ruckus going on inside there, we can't say that we blame you. The good news is that no matter how big of a roundhouse kicker you may have inside there, we've got a pregnancy shirt that will fit him or her comfortably. Like all of the super soft ringspun cotton maternity tees on our website, this item is available in sizes small through 2XL. Did we mention that we also offer all apparel for expecting mothers that has ruched sides? Well, we do, because we know how important it is to wear something comfortable when you're pregnant. Carrying a baby inside of your belly for nine months is tough enough without having to constantly tug and adjust a shirt that doesn't fit your body right. It's a problem that we have worked very hard to eliminate. No matter where you carry your baby weight or what your size is, we're confident that we have a funny maternity shirt that will fit you.