World's Okayest Wife


Want to make sure that you let your wonderfully average wife know how much you love her? We recommend this awesome World's Okayest Wife shirt. No matter which size you pick, we're sure she'll love you for it. This funny women's t-shirt is also available on soft pink, navy, and black t-shirts. Not enough? We also have it on our super soft unisex style hoodies. Pretty snazzy, eh?

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Oh, the wife you say? She's okay. You know, some wives are just kind of there all the time, hanging out till you need them, like air. Nothing special if you ask me. All in all I've got the worlds okayest wife for sure. At least she's not one of those utter nags. You know those kind of wives that remind you of Peggy Bundy? Yeah, we dodged a bullet for there. Then there are those wives like June Cleaver. The classic over achiever that does nothing but smother you and breed resentment with all of the other wives in the neighborhood. Thankfully, we're not in that boat either. Screen printed on a beautiful gray shirt, this World's Okayest Wife shirt could be the best gift that the most average wife could ever receive. Available in a wide range of sizes and our new wide-necked long sleeve terry cut, we doubt that you'll have any trouble finding the right size for your beautiful bride.