Om Nom Pizza Jaws T-Shirt


All this time, we thought the theme song went Dun duh. dun duh. It actually went Om Nom. Om Nom. It's what inspired our brand new Om Nom Pizza Jaws t-shirt. This new design is just as cool as many of our classic items, such as our Great White Shark Jaws t-shirt. If you're a fan of sharks, pizza, or funny t-shirts, you're going to love this radical new design today. This new tee is so cool, we decided to make is available in kids sizes as well as our two signature adult styles.

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A few years ago, a song begged to ask what does the fox say? Well, we here at CrazyDog T-shirts are ready to ask what does the shark say when he's eating? The answer is something along the lines of om nom. This delicious funny animal shirt is perfect for people who love sea life, and is ready to be shipped out today. Just don't wear it to the aquarium. It might confuse the poor little fishes!