Outpost 31 Last Stop Bar T-Shirt


This bar is truly the last stop you'll ever make in Antarctica. You know what? Never mind that. It's a long story, and we don't want to get into it. Just keep a flamethrower handy and you'll be safe!

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We understand that going to Antarctica is no picnic. For those of you who laugh in the face of frostbite, there is the Outpost 31 Last Stop Bar! This bar has recently reopened to the public after being shut down for a few decades. There was an unfortunate incident in 1982 that resulted in a half dozen gruesome deaths, but for the sake of expediency, we're going just skip over that and get to the good stuff! This fashionable new funny t-shirt comes in both our women's slim and men's modern style fits. While our women's slim style is available in sizes small through 2XL, our men's tees go all the way up to 5XL! Did we mention that the handsome dark blue ringspun cotton feels as good as it looks? Well, it does! Whether you are a die hard fan of this classic film, or you want to wear something that is guaranteed to get you high fives at Comic-Con, we think you'll love this design. Make sure you get yours before some weird thing takes over your body and shape shifts all over the place!