Peeing Snowman Ugly Christmas Sweater Long Sleeve


If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times. Never trust yellow snow! You never know when that darned snowman might be peeing! This super soft polyester blend shirt is awesome, and has a snug fit. Make sure that you get one before the Ugly Christmas Sweater party season really kicks in!

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Those darned snowmen are at it again! Now you know why they always tell you not to eat the yellow snow, it's not the dogs, the snowmen have peed all over it! You have no idea what you're in for when you pop that carrot nose in to the snowman, because that's not really a nose! How do you think Snowmen pee? Through the carrot of course! Don't eat the yellow snow when you're outside this winter! If you were looking for a funny holiday t-shirt that you can wear all season long, well, you've found it! The colors are bright and the print extends all over the shirt for that extra added festive look at all of your parties. Whether its a stocking stuffer or a present for your favorite friend, this Snowman peeing shirt is a surefire hit with everyone. It's a little naughty, but don't worry, we won't tell Santa!