Peeking Twins Maternity Shirt


Not only are our maternity shirts made of a super soft cotton blend, and not only do they have ruched sides for maximum comfort, but they are also funny as heck too! If we aren't making you laugh, we're not doing our job properly. Take our new Peeking Twins maternity shirt! This funny pregnancy tee features an original design that can't be found anywhere else. Plus, it's a truly unique way to announce to the world that you're having twins!

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Some of you may be looking for a fun way to tell the world you'be got two bundles of joy entering the world soon. Others may want to give their friends or relatives the perfect gift to help them laugh their way through pregnancy. This item comes in sizes small through 2XL, and will fit any growing baby bump super comfortably. Each of the beautiful tops we make for pregnant women is screen printed in house, and is checked for even the slightest hint of flaws. They're screen printed so well that you may find yourself wearing them through two pregnancies, if you ended up having two sets of twins, that is!