Pizza Goes Here Arrow T-Shirt


The pizza goes here (follow the arrow) and help me satisfy my obsession with pizza! Can you ever have enough pizza? I think not, and that's why we also decided to screen print this hysterical graphic text design on one of our signature maternity shirts! You think that you want to eat pizza? Try being pregnant and dealing with the cravings. The rest of us are getting off light!

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I want pizza! I want pizza! You can probably hear us chanting this from wherever you are in the world right now! Luckily for all of us hungry people, the instructions on this super cute tee are quite simple. All you have to do is follow the arrow! Our women's slim fit comes in 5 sizes, and our youth style comes in four. If you want to order in our adult men's (unisex) style, you'll have a whopping eight different sizes to choose! Grab one of these funny t-shirts and start gobbling pizza now!