Powered By Science

It's our fabulous new powered by science t-shirt, and it's here for anyone who has a little bit of scientist in them! Whether you sit at home with your junior chemistry set, you're a student at college, or you're Neil deGrasse Tyson himself (we know you're reading, Neil. Don't try to deny it!) we think that you'll love this new funny science shirt. This beautiful, soft cotton tee is available for purchase not only in our women's slim fit and men's modern styles, but our four youth styles as well. Come and get it, science geeks!

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Who says that science nerds don't have a sense of humor? Some of you may be looking for something to wear under your white lab coat, while others may be interested in a gift for their son or daughter to encourage them in their studies, we feel that this fashionable item is a surefire hit.