Relax I Am From The Internet T-Shirt


Sorry kids, but this funny t-shirt is currently only available in our adult sizes. You may find that weird, given the fact that most kids have an easier time negotiating computers and the web than their parents do. If you’re wondering why we have chosen to neglect the youth of the world with a design that they could so easily relate to…you’ll just have to figure that one out for yourselves!

Maybe your troubles on the internet are easy to fix. Maybe they’re the beginning of the revolution where the machines take over the world and enslave us all. Either way, all you have to do is relax, because our Relax, I’m From the Internet shirt will make it all better!

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Relax, I’m from the internet.
Believe it or not, those five words are among the most powerful in the English language. For some, it is a joke that causes them to laugh as they remember all of the frustrating times that they have had online. For others, it’s a sign that someone is coming to help them out of the deep, dark, and hopeless chasm that they currently find themselves in.
If you’re in trouble on the World Wide Web, never fear! Our classic Relax, I’m From the Internet design is here to help save the day! This funny and original design is available on a sharp green tee which is super soft and made of a super soft tri-blend!.
Our men’s modern fitted tees are available in sizes small through 5XL, while our women’s slim fit styles range from small to 2XL. Please be advised that our ladies slim can run a tad snug. This fantastic design can cure almost any ill on the internet, except for a poorly fitting shirt. Thankfully, there is a size chart for just such an emergency!