Scuba Steve T-Shirt


Grab your diving gear and get ready to fall backwards off the side of a boat, because we've got a hysterically cool t shirt for you today. It's our funny Scuba Steve design, brought to you by the funniest comedies of the 90's. Made up of super soft red ringspun cotton apparel, this item comes in both our signature women's slim fit and adult men's styles. Both of those options come in a wide array of sizes, so make sure that you check out the size chart if you have questions.

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Never fear, Scuba Steve shirt is here! Our friend needs to take a bath, but there is a problem. He's afraid to bathe alone. That's why we came up with this hysterical Scuba Steve parody t-shirt. Wear it whenever your getting ready for a bath, a dip in the pool, or a swim at the beach, and we can guarantee you that you're going to get laughs with this one.