Sharks Will Kill You T-Shirt


Have you ever heard the expression, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" We think that it happens to be true most of the time. You know what can never be included though? Sharks. Sharks will kill you. How do we know that, you may ask? Because it says so on our Sharks Will Kill You funny t-shirt, which is comes in both men's and women's slim fit tees in sizes small through 5XL. We also have it in fourth youth sizes, in case you happen to have a shark-obsessed young one at home!

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The fact that this stylish and funny tee comes on our super soft blend of ringspun cotton is just icing on the cake. You know who can't appreciate such a soft and accommodating material? Sharks, that's who. From Great Whites to Hammer Heads, they just can't seem to learn how to appreciate the finer points of fashion. You'd think that a species that has been around for millions of years, never having to evolve, could pick up a few pointers here and there. Apparently not! Whether you're planning a massive Shark Week party, or you want to have some friends over for the next Syfy Channel original monster movie with sharks, we think that you'll love this one. We certainly do, and we have awesome taste. Before we go, we just wanted to say that we know sharks really don't kill that many people each year. We're just saying that if they wanted to rough you up, they could. Now swim for shore!!