Sliced Innards Science Unisex Full Print T-Shirt

Whatever you think, you have to admit that it's a great shirt for Halloween. Make sure that you get yours before the next zombie flick hits the movie theaters! If you're gonna go, make sure you go in style, right? **Please note that these shirt sizes run differently than our standard size chart!**
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Um, sir? We think you may have a scratch there or something. Did you catch your skin on a loose branch or something? Because, we've got to tell you, that looks like it hurts! Did you by any chancel call Dexter a sissy, or bump into the grim reaper when he was in a bad mood? Either way, it looks like someone sliced you right down the middle. This new all over print shirt is more than just another one of our funny t-shirts. It's one of our super soft all-over print tees. Remember the ones we did for Christmas and Saint Patrick's Day? Well this one is like that, except it's geared more towards the deeply sick and twisted. Of course, it could be for those people who want to work with cadavers during the day while fighting off zombies at night. We don't judge!