Ask Me Why I'm Lazy Sloth Flip Shirt


For all those lazybones and sleepyheads out there. Show everyone why you are lazy with this funny sloth flipover shirt! This classic CrazyDog T-shirts design is not only one of our most popular designs of all time, but it is also is available on three different styles. There's our men's and women's slim style, which go up to 5XL and 2XL respectively, as well as our brand new toddler sized tee!

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Are you someone who would rather sit on the couch than go to the gym? Do you call people with narcolepsy "amateurs?" Are you a fan of small creatures that are slow, cute and have vaguely primate faces? If so, this Sloth flip up t-shirt could be the absolute best thing that you'll see all day! As soon as someone takes the bait and asks you why you are lazy, you can flip up the shirt and show them the most adorable sloth drawing that they'll ever seen. This shirt is screen printed on an incredibly soft shirt, and will last you and your lazy friends a long, long time. We would tell you to hurry up and purchase this shirt, but we know that the odds of that are fairly long. However, if there is ever a time in your life that you're able to move fast, we hope that this is it! Keep calm and sloth on everyone!