T-Rex Hates Science T-Shirt

Did you know that T-Rex hates science? Well, he does, and the reason is pretty simple. He cannot reach his beakers in the lab because of his stubby little arms. Little did mother nature know how cruelly she was snubbing any T-Rex that wanted to become a scientist. From chemistry and physics to astronomy and biology, stuff becomes that much harder when you have to use your six inch teeth to grab things.

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There are plenty of dinosaurs that would make great scientists. Raptors, for example, have fantastic arms and big brains. They could be great with a chemistry set. Sadly, the poor T-Rex is just not equipped. He won't give up, as this funny t-shirt shows us. Kinda sad, isn't it? Whether you want a size small or a 5XL, we'll have one on our shelves that will fit you perfectly.