T-Rex Loves You This Much T-Shirt

Available in both men’s and women’s slim fit style’s, you won’t have any trouble finding a tee that will fit you like a glove. Make sure that you get yours today, before the adorable little carnivore gets his feelings hurt. You wouldn't want him to get sad, would you?
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T-rex loves you this much. See? He’s not really so bad! He’s actually kind of cute. All he wants to go is give you a little hug and tell you how much he wants to be your friend. Won’t you give the poor little tyrant lizard a hug? Come on, you know you want to! Joining the ranks of our popular dinosaur flip and regular t-shirts is our brand new T-Rex Loves You This Much shirt. How cute is he? Doesn’t he just make you want to reach out and cuddle him? Just cover up any vulnerable spots, in case he forgot to eat earlier. Whether you’re a fan of dinosaurs, hugs, love, or cuteness in general, we think that this t-shirt will be the perfect way for you to express yourself. No one will be able to resist the amount of adorableness that this funny shirt gives off. Printed on our signature green, our new T-Rex Loves You This Much t-shirt is guaranteed to feel more comfortable than the scrawny arms that look like they’re about to give you a very awkward hug.