Take Me Drunk I'm Home T-Shirt


We can ship this shirt out to you faster than you can garble your words and say Take Me Drunk, I'm Home! Sorry kids, but this one isn't for you, unless you happen to come from back in time when there was no limit on drinking. If that's the case, then we've got some questions on quantum physics for you! Available in men's and women's slim fit, we're sure that you're gonna love this one! Check it out, drunks!

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Have you ever heard someone talk when they're really drunk? When they say something like "Hello Mr. Beer, can you hold my officer for a second?" Yeah, that is the kind of intoxicated hilarity that we are going for here with this new t-shirt. How do you know that this shirt is made for drunk individuals? Because the lettering is large, and easy to read. Screen printed on our signature green ringspun cotton, this new design will fit your body like a glove. This soft and comfortable shirt will never irritate your skin or make you feel constricted. It's also worth mentioning that thanks to our state-of-the-art curing process, the design will not fade for a long, long time!