Teardrop Eyes Pumpkin Face Halloween T-Shirt


You may have seen this cute design on our new Teardrop Eyes Pumpkin Face Halloween Maternity Shirt. The good news is that if you don't happen to be pregnant right now, chances are that you're just right for our brand new men's or women's slim fit options. This funny t-shirt design comes in tons of sizes and is printed on the softest apparel that we could get our hands on. We even offer this one in four different youth sizes!

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Just look at that cute little pumpkin face! Don't you just want to go up to it, talk baby talk to it and give it a hug? Of course you do. One of our favorite new cool Halloween t-shirts, this awesome design is available in sizes S-5XL in our men's, S-2XL in our ladies juniors fit, and S-XL in our youth style. You're welcome!