That's Not How The Force Works T-Shirt


That's not how the force works! And it's true. If you think that you can just do anything you want, you're doing it wrong. Hopefully by wearing this cool t-shirt, you'll be bringing this knowledge to hundreds of people a day! This funny tee is now available for purchase on our men's, women's and youth style shirts, each of which is available in several different sizes. The original text design is screen printing on a vintage style ringspun cotton that is soft, durable, and perfect for any trip to Comic-Con! One of the many "forceful" designs we offer here, if you catch our drift.

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If you don't know what we're parodying with this one, we feel bad for you. As a matter of fact, you're probably the only one in your entire circle of family and friends that doesn't know what this means. However, if you are in on the gag, welcome! It's great to have you here with us. From a group of people who went to the theater at least a half dozen times over the last month comes a funny t-shirt that parodies one of the coolest Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises of all time!