The Catus Minorus Constellation Glow In The Dark T-Shirt


Did we mention that it comes with cool glow and the dark ink? Well, there you go! Now you know as well! We cannot wait to see you in it! Show off your love of The Catus Minorus Constellation now! Want to see what this funny shirt looks like on our youth sizes? We've got those too!

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If you've ever taken an astronomy class, then you've probably looked at a picture of the Catus Minorus Constellation! What's that? You said that this isn't a real constellation? Oh come on! It's right there! Just look at the t-shirt! It's a fantastic map in the heavens! This beautiful black ringspun cotton shirt is incredibly soft, and comes in a number of different sizes. It also comes in both women's slim fit and men's standard modern fit styles as well. Some people may think that it's perfect for generic cat owners. Others may think that it's only suitable for those who refer to themselves as "Crazy Cat Ladies." Personally, we think that it is perfect for everyone!