Unicorns Not Drugs T-Shirt


It's really quite simple. Drugs are bad, and unicorns are not. It's similar to our classic Pugs Not Drugs shirt, but more for unicorn people and less for dog people. Of course you could be both at the same time. We don't judge! We just would rather that you wear one of our super soft ringspun cotton tees than do drugs. This t-shirt design has been screen printed onto our kids, women's juniors, and adult men's shirts. Consult the size chart below if you have questions about fit.

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Always choose unicorns over drugs! Not only is it safer for you, but it's a lot less expensive as well. We want you to buy our t-shirts because they're soft, comfy, and funny, but we'll take pragmatic financial concerns as well. Side note, you're also more likely to get hired wearing one of these shirts than if you were to show up to an interview wearing drugs. Why? As this other cool shirt says, Because Unicorns. That's why!