World's Okayest Baby Infant Tee

This infant raglan is soft and comfortable. Made up of a deliciously beautiful tri-blend, it will hug your baby's skin without chafing. We also offer this tee in four different sizes. Whether your little one is just about to hit three months, or they're closing in on their second birthday, we'll have a delightful little infant t-shirt to fit them!

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Hello parents! Do you have have a baby that falls on the extreme ends of the spectrum? This new funny infant t-shirt is more than just something adorable. It's for the world's okayest baby! See what we did there? That's called suave product placement people! This new item joins our rapidly expanding line of infant t-shirts and one-piece outfits. As a matterof fact, it's probably the okayest piece of baby clothing that we have. Like all of the items in our baby lines, it is screen printed right here in our Rochester, New York warehouse. Our combination of industry experts, state-of-the-art employees, and high quality materials leaves customers like you with the best possible product. The fact that those fantastic products sometimes happen to be for the most okayest among us is purely coincidence!