World's Okayest Student T-Shirt

Are you the World's Okayest Student? Do you have a GPA that's a solid 2.0? Are you hovering in that meaty part of the curve? Some students aren't showing off, nor are they falling behind. We decided to design a shirt for those of you out there who just want to show the fact that while you may not be thrilled at the prospect of going to school, you care enough to graduate and move on. Come and get it, future architects!
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Some funny t-shirts are designed for students who excel in all subjects and don't even have to try to make the honor roll. Others are created for those who feel a heightened level of apathy towards education. This tee isn't for either one of those types of people. It's for the World's Okayest Student! This ringspun cotton marvel isn't just soft, it's super soft! And did we mention that is is available in eight different sizes?