World's Okayest Uncle

Our World's Okayest Uncle shirt is strictly for the gentlemen, and comes in sizes small through 4XL The shirt is made up of a high quality ringspun cotton blend. That means that this shirt is super soft and comfortable, and the modern men's fit will accommodate almost any body type!

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There are some uncles that always go above and beyond for their nieces and nephews. They take the little ones to baseball games, buy them presents and tell them funny things about their parents. On the other hand, there are also those uncles that leave their nieces and nephews at the stadium, give them rotten food for presents and getting into fights with their parents around the holidays. This new t-shirt isn't for either of them. Our World's Okayest Uncle shirt is for the uncles who try a little bit, but don't really ever score a proverbial home run. Some uncle's just coast along, not doing a really good or terrible job. And you know what, that's good enough for us! Want to get your uncle a fantastic present this year? We recommend this beauty of a t-shirt!