Yes, That's a Baby Maternity Shirt

All of our maternity shirts here at CrazyDog T-shirts are super soft and lightweight. After all, what's the point of a maternity shirt that makes you even more uncomfortable than pregnancy does normally? Want a great look for yourself that no one else will have? Try one of our shirts on for size!

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Yes, you are correct sir. That is indeed a baby growing in that belly. See? Thanks to this fantastic new maternity t-shirt, you won't have to feel awkward about decided whether or not your question will be met with a yes, or with a slap in the face for guessing wrong. Isn't that better? Screen printed on one of our signature ringspun cotton maternity shirts with ruched sides here in Rochester, New York, we know that this one could be the perfect gift for any expectant mother with a good sense of humor. Our new "Yes, That's a Baby" maternity t-shirt is available in sizes small through XXL, ensuring that no matter what size you are, or what trimester that you happen to be in, we've got a fashionable piece of apparel that will fit you perfectly.