If Zombies Chase Us I'm Tripping You T-Shirt


It's time to show the world what you will really stand for when it all hits the proverbial fan and the zombie apocalypse descends upon us. Like the majority of our funny zombie t-shirts, this item comes in both women's slim and men's unisex styles. The men's tees fit standard, but the ladies shirts tend to be a bit snug. Both are made of an extra soft and durable ringspun cotton. If you have any questions as to fit, just click on the size chart below!

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You'll run for the cure when the zombies are out, but will you make it? Not if you end up tripping! We have a giant collection of cool zombie t shirts, but this one takes the cake in our opinion. Actually, takes the brains would be the more appropriate thing on the menu, don't you think? Show the world what you stand for with our classic Zombie Tripping tee! Did we mention that this design also comes in four super soft youth tees as well?