Greetings fellow Americans, and welcome to the best darn funny t-shirt blog on the internet! We're here today to expand upon one of our more popular blogs over the last few months, which showcased several of our original Donald Trump shirt designs. Now, before you grab your markets and picket signs, please remember that we here at CrazyDog take poking fun at the whole political process seriously. Every candidate that rises to a certain level will get taken to the woodshed from us. We've had plenty of fun with our Hillary Clinton tees and Bernie Sanders shirts over the past few months. Since it was recently discovered that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was able to -masterfully- manipulate the media into providing him with nearly $2 billion in free press, we decided we'd better come up with some new graphic designs.

Without further adieu, allow us to show you how we're going to make funny t-shirts great again! Strap yourselves in boys and girls, because if there's a lot of laughing in your near future. As a matter of fact, if you don't find yourself at least emitting a chuckle or two, check your pulse. You may be dead.


After that one came off the printing floor, we decided to think of something ordinary in our lives that could use a little fixing up. One of the first things that came to mind was something that was literally right under our noses - our sandwiches! It was this line of thought that allowed us to come up with our brand new Make Sandwiches Great Again Donald Trump shirt. Big, bold, and amazingly patriotic, this original graphic design will look awesome on you as you are surrounded by your fellow supporters are a rally. Or you could wear it at a Clinton rally to get a laugh. We don't judge!



We may be called CrazyDog T-shirts, but that's not the only kind of apparel we focus on. Feast your eyes on our awesome Make Tank Tops Great Again tank! Made of the same super soft ringspun cotton, this fitness item comes in both men's and ladies styles. Looking for something to wear to your next workout? We're here to help. Just don't blame us if you get someone overly excited who happens to be able to throw freeweights a good distance. We just screen print the stuff. Where you wear it is your responsibilty!


Last but not least is one of our "older" Trump tees. Feast your eyes on our Can't Stump the Trump tee. Originally meant as satire, we had no clue that we were actually being prophetic. Seriously, no one has been able to stump this guy yet! And it's not just us that has egg on our face with this one. The entire freaking mainstream media got it wrong. Oh well! It's great for inspiration, if nothing else! 


Targeting the political arena is easier to do than almost any other aspect of pop culture, but that doesn't mean that we don't work our collective butts off coming up with these cool shirts for awesome customers like you. We do, and because of that, we hope that they make you laugh as much as they do us. Remember to take advantage of the Buy2Get2 promotional code that we mentioned at the top of this blog. Why settle for two tees when you can take home four for the same price? Thanks for taking the time to read, and have a fantastic Thursday!