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    Wine Is My Valentine Women's T Shirt
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    How does Valentine’s Day make you feel? Do you feel indifferent or bitter and angry towards the holiday? Do you believe every week you should get a card, or are you an all-or-nothing type of person? If Cupid (or your significant other) does not show up with that arrow on 2/14, does your world come crashing down?

    Do you need to take it over the top? Valentine’s Day requires people to be romantic. Even single folks feel some kind of way over this holiday. Crazy Dog T-Shirts sarcastic tee collection has something for everyone. We have shirts for lovebirds, heartless dark souls, or for people who fall somewhere in the middle. Our shirts make great gifts for yourself or a loved one. If you celebrate Galentine’s, you can find a t-shirt for your BFFs. Regardless of your relationship status, we have a perfect match for you.

    Unlucky in love? We don’t want to strike a nerve, so we’ll talk about our anti-Valentine Day tees first. We will save the mushy romance stuff for later. Choose our “NOT TODAY Cupid,” “I BELIEVE IN Annoyed AT FIRST SIGHT,” and “I believe in fuck off at first sight” shirts available to men and women. Our cute girls tshirts include “SINGLE AS A DOLLAR AND NOT LOOKING for change”.

    Do you feel unhappy in your relationship, or do you settle? We can cover your back with our guys and ladies hilarious tops. “Meh, You’ll Do” or “Roses are red; chocolates are brown. You’re getting neither, so calm the fuck down.” Do you ever want to ask your boo, “Did you fall from HEAVEN Because So Did SATAN?” Why not wear your words courtesy of Crazy Dog Clothing?

    You may love a food or alcohol joke more than people. Our novelty t shirt “FORGET LOVE I’D RATHER FALL IN” Vintage tees can show your true desires in style. Choose to fall in beer, wine, pizza, or tacos instead of love. Don’t miss out on our “LET’S cuddle & EAT” apparel come in men’s and women’s styles. Choose to cuddle and eat pizza, nachos, or tacos.

    Does you prefer four legs instead of two? We have a cool shirt that let you get the perfect gift for a dog or cat lover. Our boys PUGGIN luv you shows a pug on the tee's front in a heart. Our “Love Paw” tees have men’s and women’s sizes and options of one or three paws for the design. Girls can choose a V-Day dog tee such as “MY DOG IS MY VALENTINE t-shirt” or “YOU, ME AND THE DOGS.” Women’s cat shirts include “#RelationshipGoals,” “MY CAT THINKS I’M PURRFECT,” and “MY CAT IS MY VALENTINE tee.”

    We also carry traditional offensive designs on apparel for you or your family. Have a baby on the way? We have maternity clothing that fits like a dream. Fun ladies tees include the “I Lava You” showing a lava lamp. If you’ve met your perfect match, take it further by wearing matching tees. Two of our favorite funny tops include “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE,” with an equation, and “LOVE LOVE LOVE,” which has red hearts on the tee.

    Don’t feel slighted. We carry sexy clothing that say girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and wife. Express your deep love and passion for your sweetheart!

    Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, Crazy Dog T-Shirts has a vast collection of tees. Our shirts will help you express your true feelings. Roses die, and chocolate has too many calories. Go with a more thoughtful gift like our t-shirts!