4th Of July

Get lit this Independence Day with our funny 4th of July shirts! Plenty of patriotic tees that celebrate America.

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    Let freedom of expression ring with our collection of cool 4th of July tees. We have plenty of patriotic t-shirts to wear on Independence Day or year-round. Our assortment of funny shirts would even make our Founding Fathers laugh. Crazy Dog lets you celebrate America in comfort. To start them off check out our top selling Just here to bang t-shirt!

    The United States represents freedom, which began on July 4th, 1776. We want to bring you a unique t-shirt revolution and will skip the history lesson of the American Revolution. We have hilarious merica tees that can’t be beat!

    American history buffs with a sense of humor will love our unique patriotic tees. Let’s start by making it all about the Benjamins. Our mens firework shirts get you ready to see stars & stripes. We red wine & blue tees here, not tea, in case you think we can’t spell is the perfect gift.

    Patriotic procrastinators can wear our Men’s Crap That’s Due Tomorrow? -Thomas Jefferson novelty top. Do you like drinking brews with the boys and want to channel your inner founding father? Check out the Men’s tee, “LET’S DRINK A HAMIL-TON OF BEERS.”

    Celebrate freedom with our “LOOKS LIKE THE COLONIES ARE QUITE ROWDY TODAY” shirt, showing the Queen of England. Wear our “Spilling The Tea Since 1773” USA t-shirt referencing the Boston Tea Party, or as we prefer to say Tee Party. Both Independence Day clothing come in guys and ladies styles.

    Going back to the OG’s of Commander in Chiefs, we must include George Washington. “TOO COOL FOR BRITISH RULE” and “PARTY LIKE A PATRIOT.” Our hilarious t-shirt “George Washington I’M #1” displays the 1st president holding a foam finger.

    We feature another epic dude, Abraham Lincoln, in our humor fourth clothing collection. Mens’ shirts include “FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN BEERS AGO” and “A-BRO-HAM DRINKIN.” Our “BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER” tee is humorous!

    Our Men’s patriotic tee features the youngest president. “THEODORE BROSEVELT,” wearing sunglasses and a hat saying, “may contain alcohol.”

    Other Men’s 4th of July t-shirts include “STAY COOLIDGE” and “RONALD RAGIN,’” showing Reagan wearing sunshades and a sideways ballcap.

    How can we forget the guy who stole the show at the 2021 inauguration and took the lead in meme campaigns? Our “Bernie Sanders USA GRANDPA” lets you feel the Bern and comes in small, medium, large, extra large, XXL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL.

    Our American Flag tee collection has some of our favorite cool USA styles. We carry drinking shirts with different sayings, beer pong, keg stands, wine, and booze.

    We also have a selection of fourth of July clothing with vintage and retro looks for men and women. We also carry maternity tshirts for expectant mothers.

    The sarcastic apparel also includes cat and dog patriotic t-shirts. Our Men’s and Women’s “MERICA” tee has a dog wearing a bandana. Our 4th of July cat tees include “A’MEOWICA FLUFF YEAH,” "PURRROUD BE AN A’MEOWICAN,” and “MERICA” “FELINE PAWTRIOTIC.”

    Set off the party with our fireworks t-shirts. “Just Here To Bang,” “LIT,” “ERMAHGERD SPERKLERS,” “SAFETY THIRD,” and “OK Boomer” come in men’s and women’s styles. But, the favorite of the shop has to be the official firework technician if I run you run tee!

    With many options, you can choose USA-theme, American flag, or freedom graphic tees. In the spirit of 4th of July parties and summer parties, we have boating and shark tees for men and women.

    Combining St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July, we offer shamrock and Celtic tees in patriotic styles, as well.

    Our 4th of July tee collection has the versatility that lets you celebrate the 4th of July every day of the year.