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They See Me Trollin' They Hatin' Men's T Shirt

Size: S
Color: Light Heather Grey

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They see me trollin'. They hatin'. No, not those internet people who lurk around on reddit and Twitter all day waiting for you to say something stupid. We're talking about Fish. Ever seen a fish just trying to wait you out under the water. You could be on the beach, on a bridge, or in a boat. Either way, we know that you're going to beat that fish, no matter how patient you have to be. This fantastic fishing t-shirt is printed in house by industry experts on high quality ringspun cotton, and is super soft. That's important for two reasons. Not only does it mean that the shirt is of the highest quality, but you'll also be comfortable if you have to wait out those fish for the next ten hours. And we've been fishing a few times in our life, so we know just how freaking long it can take! Are you looking for the ultimate gift for the fisherman in your life? It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, since we have both shirt styles on the shelves, ready to go! Like many of our other funny t-shirts, we decided to go with a simplistic, easy-to-read design. After all, you don't want to be too flashy. The fish might see you coming before they see the hook!