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Ask Me About My Penguin Flip Men's T Shirt

Size: S
Color: Light Heather Grey

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Put on your happy feet and slip on this shirt, because you're about to do the little Penguin dance when you slip on this comfortable shirt! If you know someone who loves Penguins, or maybe you just are a fan yourself, you need to grab this shirt and turn in to a Penguin! The front of the shirt feeds the moment, and when you flip up the shirt, you're a Penguin yourself! Nothing starts a conversation off sooner than one of our exclusive Flip Up shirts! No matter what the occasion it is sure to get a laugh, and our new Penguin Flip Up shirt is no exception to the rule. Make like Happy Feet and do a little jig when you slip up your shirt to reveal your new Penguin head. Sure it looks weird with your human body, but isn't that part of the fun?