Funny Christmas Dog Shirts

Looking for the cutest-ever Christmas dog outfit? Then you and your dog are going to absolutely drool over our range of Christmas shirts!

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    Funky Dog Christmas Shirts

    Dogs are always adorable to dog lovers. But put them in one of our dog Christmas shirts and they are downright irresistible to everyone! Make sure your pooch gets the oohs and aahs they deserve this holiday season. Funky and trendy, our doggie tees will make your pup the talk of the neighborhood. Of course, you don’t have to let all the attention go to the dogs. Check out our Christmas shirt collection for humans (men and women), too!

    Snuggly and Stylish Dog Outfits for Christmas

    Want to keep your pooch warm this winter? Super cozy and stylish, our range of Christmas dog shirts will have your dog feeling warm and looking festive. Have a Dachshund? You’ll love our “WALKIN’ IN A WEINER WONDERLAND” dog shirt. Does your dog have a bit of a reputation? Try “FELIZ NAUGHTY DOG”. All our tees are the perfect Christmas gift for your furry, or not so furry, friends.

    Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

    Attention dog lovers! Searching for the dog tee that nobody else has? After an outfit that helps keep them warm? Or just want to shower your pooch with love? All our Christmas dog shirts will make your Santa paws happy. Let your dog in on the holiday spirit and of course help them look as adorable as Christmas-ably possible!