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Our funny flip up t-shirts make great gifts! From cool ninja and zombies tees to the famous Ask Me About My T-Rex tee, there's something for everyone!

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    Our funny flip up t-shirts are great gifts! The hilarious Ninja disguise tee, our zombie costume and the famous Ask Me About My T-Rex t-shirt!

    A funny flip up shirt is perfect for anyone who wants to transform into something cool at the drop of a hat. Our bestselling Ask me about my Ninja Disguise Flip T-shirt can’t be beat! Have you ever wanted to turn into a ferocious Trex? Take a peek at our classic Ask Me About My T-Rex shirt. Want an excuse to act like a lazy sloth? Scroll up to look at our Ask Me Why I'm Lazy Sloth flip. With sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL, 3XL, 4X and 5X available in our unisex adult men’s, women's slim, and four different youth style tee sizes, you're going to have plenty of options to choose from.

    Do you prefer something based in fantasy? Check out the hilarious unicorn flip top or the zombie costume! Want to really scare someone? Throw on our bigfoot mask and you will make them scream! If the full moon is out then you definitely need the werewolf disguise!

    They are so versatile that you can become a cat, wiener dog, goat, corgi or pug! Are you headed to the beach? Grab up our Jaws flip! From offensive to hilarious we have a top that is the perfect gift for your son, daughter, brother or sister! Dad and Mom love these too! Let your uncle grow a beard or a mustache with the perfect joke for Christmas!

    Never worn one of our cool flip up tees before? The execution couldn't be any simpler. All that's required of you is to put the shirt on, go stand in front of a group of people, and then wait for someone to respond to the prompt on the front of your shirt. Once they do, flip the front of the tee over your face and wait for the laughs to ensue. If the design you purchased is an animal, dinosaur, or something else that makes a certain sound or does certain movements, feel free to mimic them.