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Get a funny cooking t-shirt or a cool apron for your mom or wife! We have the perfect gift for anyone who loves the kitchen with our hilarious oven mitts!

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Crazy Dog caters to you by serving up your favorite cuisine with our “Food Tee Collection.” Girls may lose their appetite with our offensive tees, but our funny food t-shirts dish it out. Wear what you eat and take a look at our menu of foodie gifts!

These sarcastic shirts have hilarious sayings! I’M INTO FITNESS, FITNESS TACO IN MY MOUTH. These foods include tacos, burritos, donuts, ice cream, cheeseburgers, turkey, cheese, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and gingerbread man.

For many of us, nothing beats eating bacon for breakfast. The body by bacon is the perfect gift for your dad or husband. Our powered by bacon tee is great present for your husband or grandpa!

We have a wide assortment in our Taco Collection that everyone loves! From humor to fun sayings we’ve got something for a friend or your family.

Do round or square pies take up a piece of your heart? Our pizza tops let you express how you fee. Men looking for amore can wear our You Wanna’ Pizza Me tee. Our “BETTER TOGETHER” tees show pizza with pineapple depending on your vice. Our “I’m Cutting Carbs” is another great option for your wife or mom!

Crazy Dog confronts the sauce or gravy debate. Our Thanksgiving tee, “Pass The Gravy Not Judgement,” shows people which side of the table you sit on. Other clothing include “It’s All Gravy,” “Lost In The Sauce,” “SIDE BITCH,” “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” “Good Gravy,” and “Pour Some Gravy On Me.” All bossy and saucy apparel comes in guys or girls styles.

For those who love a belly full of bread, we have creative tees for the occassion. Some awesome t’s that give us a rise including Garlic Bread Til I’m Dead!

For grillmasters that go wild, we have funny grilling tees that bring the fire. To men who have lost an eyebrow while firing up the grill, our “STAND BACK GRANDPA GRILLIN” OR “DAD” tee gives everyone flare warning. Some of Grandpa or your Uncles favorites are the “GRILLIN’ LIKE A VILLAIN, so go be a grill sergeant.

Dudes can wear our crude shirt, “SHE’S THE BUN TO MY WIENER,” “I Like My Butt Rubbed And My Pork Pulled,” and “MAY I SUGGEST THE SAUSAGE” with an arrow pointing down.

Need something slightly offensive and rude? “30% Stud 70% Muffin” and “STUD MUFFIN,” make muffin tops tasty. “I LIKE IT WHEN YOU LICK ME ALL OVER,”.

Bakers show off your baking skills and being a bad ass bitch with our aprons or oven mitts. Choose from “BAKING SOME SHUT THE FUCCUPCAKES,” “GO AHEAD BAKE MY DAY,” and “I BAKE BECAUSE PUNCHING PEOPLE IS FROWNED UPON.”

We can’t PHO GET about Vietnamese. Our PHO KING DELICIOUS top shows your feelings. Prefer ramen noodles? Wear our “LLAMEN” tee, showing a llama in noodles and “MY FAVORITE TYPE OF MEN RAMEN.”

We also has apparel with french fries, a “DILL WITH IT” pickle and one of our favorites, I Sprinkle Fuck In Every Sentence Like It’s Parsley oven mitt.