Funny Men's Hoodies, Cool Original Designs. Super Soft Sweatshirts for Men & Women.

Hooded sweatshirts have been around for over a hundred years. It just wasn’t until we here at CrazyDog T-shirts got a hold of them that they were finally perfected. Okay, maybe not quite, but we aren’t shy about saying that when you put some of our already popular screen printed designs on a soft, comfortable, crazy hoody, it is pretty darn cool! If you're in the market for a sweet men's hoodie, we're you're best online resource. (Funny sweatshirts too!) We dare you to find anything yummier than our classic Chemistry of Bacon design on a soft hooded sweatshirt. You know what? Save your energy. It cannot be done!

This isn’t any kind of cheap fabric we’re talking about either! We screen our designs on heavyweight cotton, making it a soft, comfy and incredibly warm option. Unless you happen to live in South Texas, San Francisco or Miami Beach, you know what it’s like to succumb to the cold harsh chill of Mother Nature during the winter. Want to beat the chill back this year? A funny hoodie could be the perfect way to make it so! It’s also worth mentioning that because these hooded sweatshirts are of the highest quality, they’ll be sure to last you a long time. That’s right folks, a cool sweatshirt from us is an investment!

Just like the many cool t-shirts that we produce, our hoodies are a great way to get a laugh from those around you. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend something that perhaps takes a moment to think about, such as our Chemical Element for Iron (Man) Hoodie. (Get it?) Want sometime that will help you to get into the spirit of things? Check out our cool new I Clover Shenanigans sweatshirt, or our Polar Bear in Sunglasses hoodie. No matter what time of year it is, or what you plan on doing, we have apparel that will fit you and your personality.

If something like that doesn’t strike your fancy, fear not! We’ve got a ton of novelty designs to choose from. The longer you look around, the more likely it’ll be that you find something awesome. After you buy one of these comfortable, snuggly marvels, we’re betting that you’ll be wearing it all the time. They’re just too hilarious and comfy to take off. If you don’t believe us, feel free to buy one and try it for yourselves. (We dare you!)

Our funny hoodies for men and women generally come in sizes small through 3XL, and are designed to fit most people who want to have fun. Consult the size chart on any given product page if you happen to have questions. Not only do we have a ton of our own original graphic and text designs, but we also have the ability to create almost any custom design you could ask for. A customized hoodie could be a great way to promote a business, a charity, or a non-profit. When you create your own design with us, you won't have to deal with any of the annoyances that other custom t-shirt companies are known for. We won't charge you screen or set up fees. We'll even come up with original artwork for you if you wish!

We may be known for creating cool t-shirts for men and women, but that doesn't mean that we're satisfied with just one thing. On the contrary, we love being able to dip our fingers into as many areas as possible. From kids shirts and vintage style raglan baseball tees to cotton canvas tote bags, shower curtains, and cookout aprons, there isn't a single zone in the apparel world that we're not willing to go. As far as we're concerned, if we're not making you laugh, we're not doing our jobs very well. Being humorous is our thing, ya know!

The only thing that is as important to us as making you laugh is providing you with a great experience. Customer service is just as important to use as the materials we use on our production floor. That is why we make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with us. If you want to call us, there is always somene on the phones. Need to drop us an email? We'll get back to you quickly. Want to ask a quick question while you browse our website? We've got a live chat system that is operated by a real person each day. Sorry robots.

Want a funny hoodie that you will have for years to come? Are you looking for an affordable gift for someone's birthday? Need to get a present to put underneath the Christmas tree? We think that you're going to love our selection. We make buying things online easy, and hope that you love our designs as much as we do! Our apparel is perfect for men and women, and will absolutely look great on you!