Stoners rejoice: 420 is here!  We have the marijuana leaf t-shirts for all pot heads.

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    Stoners rejoice! Crazy Dog T-Shirts has a chronic collection of marijuana leaf t-shirts. Pot-heads can celebrate 420 throughout the year with our tees. These funny weed shirts love for you to chill and browse our 420 collection of men’s and women’s shirts. We also carry socks, coffee mugs, face masks, and aprons.

    If you blaze first thing in the morning, check out our lit “Wake And Bake” tees. Choose from a coffee cup and pot leaf design or an alarm clock. Looking for a funny 420 tee? “I Wake Therefore I Bake Descartes 420 A.D.” Other lit tees include “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” or “Weed Is Essential.” All t-shirts can justify smoking in the morning and come in Men’s and Women’s.

    Shamelessly wear your identity with one of our Pot Head 420 tees. Select the coffee or marijuana potted plant design. Stoner comes in Men’s and Women’s sizes along with Serial Chiller, which also has a Women’s tank.

    If you only have a few buds, our hilarious cannabis shirts let you rip on others. Our adult tees feature “I Like Mary Jane And Maybe 3 People,” “Drugs Not Hugs, Don’t Touch Me,” and “If You Keep Your Circle Small The Joint Comes Back Faster.” The Women’s tee “I’m Not Insulting You I’m Describing You” will leave people feeling the burn.

    Prefer to blaze with others? We have a “Share The Joy, I Mean Joint” shirt and “I’d Hit That” sarcastic tee, which has a hand holding a joint, it comes in men’s and women’s sizes.

    Who doesn’t love nuggets of wisdom? Our Men’s and Women’s CBD tees also share some life lessons. Our “5 Simple Rules For Happiness” tee has “SMOKE WEED” has written over the rules. The “Inhale Hold Exhale Smile” shirt has pot leaves replacing the a’s. Other four 20 tees include “Stay Dope,” “Less Screen More Green Time,” and “The Element of Chill.”

    Marijuana has medicinal benefits. Crazy Dog T-Shirts offers two Men’s and Women’s tees, “CBD Saves” and “First Aid.” Our “Colorado Get a Rocky Mountain High” tee commemorates the dank state for legalizing weed.

    We never forget animal lovers. Our “How Do Fish Get High? Sea Weed” shirt shows two sea horses swimming in weed and water. Dog-loving tees include “Pugs n Nugs” or “My 2 Favorite Hobbies Are Smoking A Ton Of Weed And Rescuing Homeless Dogs.” Cat lovers can snatch the “Legalize Catnip” t-shirt. Our Men’s tee, “Wanna Smoke Alpaca Bowl,” makes us laugh.

    Weed and munchies go hand in hand. Our “Fried Chicken” adult tee shows a chicken whose high. Our Chicken Pot Pie Three of my Favorite Things shirt also comes on a hoodie and sarcastic socks, and an offensive apron. Healthy menu options include our “Vegetarian” and “I Love A Good Herb” tees.

    Non-tokers, we have tees for you, as well. Our “Get Toned Not Stoned” comes in adult t-shirts and a men’s tank top. We also have a shirt saying, “I Don’t Do Drugs, But I’m Starting To Think I Should.”

    Do you consider 4/20 a holiday? Our “IV XX” and “Vino Tarot Card” The Weed have 4 20 written in Roman numerals. If you believe every day is 4/20, you may like our “Hempy Holidays” tee. All shirts come in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

    We carry a wide assortment of holiday marijuana tees. Our St. Patrick’s Day assortment emphasizes our humorous Highrish top. “United Baked of America” shows an American flag made of joints and pot leaves. Christmas shirts have sayings such as “The Tree Isn’t The Only Thing Getting Lit” and “Have Yourself A Marijuana Christmas.” Our “Easter Grass Dealer” t-shirt shows an Easter bunny holding a basket with grass in it. We have a Valentine’s Day “Favorite Flower” shirt, which does not talk about roses. Our Halloween t-shirt, “High Spirits,” shows ghosts and a joint. The “Not A Zombie Just Stoned” shirt you can wear any day.