Galaxy's Okayest Sister T-Shirt


Our Galaxy's Okayest Sister is printed on a 100% ringspun cotton tee, which means that it's not only super soft, but gentle on your skin as well. Make sure that you get yours today, before the Sith arrive to convert you to the dark side! Muwhahahahha!

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While it's one thing to be the World's Okayest Sister, being the Galaxy's Okayest Sister is an accomplishment on a whole other level? Imagine just how mediocre you have to be to hit average for the entire galaxy! That is mediocrity at its finest!! Featuring an original design, this newest entry into our Okayest series is pretty cool. Not only is it for the most average female siblings out there, but it's also an original design that you won't find anywhere else. We've been told that it's faintly reminiscent of a major film franchise, but we don't believe it. Some ladies out there might prefer a slim fit style, while others may want a modern standard fit. Either way, we've got plenty of different sizes in each to offer you!