Ginja Bread Men Christmas T-Shirt


Watch out, or else the Ginja Bread Men will karate chop you into next week! Have you ever taken those tasty gingerbread men and made them fight like they were action figures? Yeah, we did that too. This funny Christmas t-shirt is one of the coolest new items that we've come up with in a while, and we know that you'll get a laugh out of it as well. Not only does it come in men's and women's slim adult styles, but it also comes in our super soft and comfy youth style shirts!

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Hiiiii-ya! This is the team of ginja breads and they are ready to take on Christmas! Just don't get in their way. We know that they're soft and delicious, but they could be dangerous. The only piece of advice that we have for you is to bite them before they attack. Not only will you be safe, but you'll also be full of one of the most tasty, warm, amazing holiday treats ever invented. Mmmmm....Gingerbread men....