Screw Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T-Shirt


Screw lab safety, I want super powers! Come on, seriously, who hasn't ever wandered into a lab with a secret hope that a chemical compound or radioactive spider bite gives them the ability to become superhuman? Everyone dreams of becoming a super powered hero, and we're here with the funny t-shirts that can help make it happen. This design is available not only in our men's and women's style tees, but our super comfortable youth shirts as well. If you're looking for funny science t-shirts, we here at CrazyDog have a ton to offer!

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Speaking of Lab Safety, have you taken a look at equally cool Lab Safety Labrador Science t-shirt! They say that science is supposed to be about the pursuit of truth, and we agree. However, we think that there is more to it than that! Whether you want to be invulnerable, fast, or have strength beyond measure, we think that getting into an accident in a science lab is the way to go. Please note that we are NOT actually condoning this kind of thing people. Don't go in and mess up a lab. It's a joke! Sheesh. Just buy the cool shirt already, okay? Thanks!