Polar Bear Wearing Sunglasses

This soft ringspun cotton tee is available in three different styles, giving people a wide range of options to choose from. If you're interested in buying it for a kid, try one of our four youth sizes! Are you an awesome girl that wants to show off your love of the arctic? We have five sizes for you to chose from. As for the men out there? You'll have sizes small through 4XL to pick from! Make sure that you get yours today!

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Have you ever seen a Polar Bear wearing sunglasses? If you haven't, your missing out. This is a great funny t-shirt, and is perfect for people who are both photosensitive, and fans of these white giants of the arctic. When you think about it, a polar bear wearing sunglasses makes sense. Have you ever looked out onto a snowy landscape when the sun is shining? It's utterly blinding! Polar Bears have eyes like we do, and wouldn't probably kill to keep that high intensity glare out of their eyes. We think that this shirt could be the ideal gift for fans of animals, wildlife, and fans of mother nature. Do you know someone who has a love of all things nature? Trust us, they'll love this one!